Telelink Answering Services

80% of all business communication happens over the phone. Your call centre ensures that you don't miss a beat.

If you're missing calls during (or after) business hours, you may be missing business opportunities too.

A professional call centre service allows you to focus on what you do best AND never miss an opportunity. Telelink allows you to be open 24/7. Never lose another call to your competition, take more orders, respond to clients quicker. Our Canada-based agents are waiting to WOW your customers 24/7/365.

  • Stay open for business, 24/7
  • Never miss another call
  • Improve customer service
  • Offer a consistent, professional presence

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Leave the office at peace

Leave the office with fewer worries. No more interrupting family dinner to answer business calls. Don't worry, you're covered after 5 pm.

Professional, consistent voice

Answer your customers, tenants, and employees with a professional greeting. Every single time.

Gain customer data & insights

Collect call data to identify trends and common themes among your customer inquiries. Get in front of the call.

Be available 24/7

100% true coverage with Telelink Answering. Never miss another call. Never miss another opportunity.

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Telelink inbound call centre services

The skills required for inbound call centre services are entirely different from the skills required for outbound call centre services. While both require the soft skills of being proficient in speaking and writing English as well as speaking clearly over the phone, there are many other skills to consider; even personality types and personal ambitions.

It is easiest to think of inbound vs outbound services as two different jobs. At an inbound call centre like Telelink, all the agents are customer support specialists. Conversely, at outbound call centres, the agents are more like salespeople or telemarketers. The skills required for customer service excellence such as empathy, understanding, and attention to detail are screened for during our hiring process and are an integral part of our coaching.

We choose to provide only inbound call centre services so that our customer service representatives can be the best at what they do. By focusing on customer service instead of outbound calling our team leaders are able to be better coaches, our customer success managers are laser-focused, and our entire organization is aligned on our mission: to respond to every single call as if it's the only one that matters.