Answering Services for Property Management Firms

Telelink's specialized 24/7 property management call centre reduces on-call costs while improving the quality of life for on-call employees. Our team precisely triages resident calls and works directly in your property management software minimizing internal work and dispatching errors.

Residents feel heard and satisfied with quicker response times and professional customer service.

Virtual reception

Build an effective and compliant journey management solution.


Build an effective and compliant journey management solution.

Process outsourcing

Our award-winning, 24/7 response center ensures that someone is there to respond when needed.

Helpdesk &
IT support

Leading monitoring and check-in devices integrate seamlessly with your existing technology platform.

Urgent call dispatch
Create tickets in 3rd-party systems
Elevator monitoring
Asset monitoring
Concierge services
Leasing appointment booking
Offer residents 24/7 service
Improve work-life balance for employees
Accurate and timely dispatch
Control on-call costs
Serviced by Canadian-based agents
Efficient call triaging

Telelink's Dedicated Property Management Division

View the recording below to see exactly how your residents will be greeted when they call.

Tell Me More About Telelink's Property Management Division

Why Telelink?


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Not just another call centre. We're built for property management.

At Telelink, we know that property management has unique challenges. We hire, train, and develop a select group of specialized experts. Whether it is distinguishing an urgent vs. non-urgent leak, or designing reports to highlight key maintenance trends, our team delivers.

Our digital script designer guides you through the script-building process based on industry best practices. Your script is designed to triage urgent and non-urgent calls while capturing all relevant information to minimize time wasted on internal follow-ups.

Our agents are experienced with an ever-expanding list of property management software such as Yardi, Arcori, Property Vista and proprietary systems. By working in your system, Telelink improves the speed of the dispatch process and the accuracy of records.

About Telelink

Telelink provides live call-answering services to keep your business lines open 24/7, improve customer service, and ensure that you never miss an important call.

Located in Newfoundland, Canada, our award-winning response centre offers services such as virtual reception, message taking, help desk & technical support, and business process outsourcing.

For over 55 years, we have proudly served a diverse range of clients, including municipalities, construction companies, plumbers, electricians, utilities and property management firms.

We look forward to working with you!

Cindy and Sydney

Telelink Co-CEOs
ISO 9001:2015

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