Telelink Leadership Team

  • Sydney Ryan

    Co-CEO and Partner

    Sydney Ryan is Co-CEO and partner of Telelink. Syd became Co-CEO in May of 1999 as she carries on her father's legacy as the proud leader of one of Newfoundland's most accomplished organizations. Syd is the engine that pushes Telelink forward with creative thinking and a can-do attitude. She's a visionary and a natural connector who leads her team with confidence and encouragement. Connect with Sydney

  • Cindy Roma

    Co-CEO and Partner

    Cindy Roma is Co-CEO & Partner of Telelink. Cindy joined the Telelink team in the late 1990s after moving to Newfoundland from her native Nova Scotia. Cindy sets Telelink’s focus on innovation and best-in-class service delivery, pushing the company to meet new challenges, succeed in new markets, and realize substantial revenue growth along the way. Cindy truly believes that a devoted team is the cornerstone of any successful and sustainable business. Connect with Cindy

  • Laura Fudge

    Vice-President, Sales

    Laura has been with Telelink for over 5 years and thrives in her role as VP of Sales. Laura has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to work alone safety and has a real knack for numbers. As Laura closes in on receiving her CPA certification she is only scratching the surface of what she brings to the table for Telelink. Connect with Laura

  • Anna Brophy

    Vice-President, Customer Success

    Anna has been with Telelink for 2 years and has had a huge impact on Customer Success initiatives. As VP of Customer Success Anna is the driving force behind our culture of proactive customer care. With a masters in Marketing and International Business, Anna brings a flair to WOW-ing customers like no other. Connect with Anna

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