How It Works: Call Answering

  • Considering a Call Answering Service? Here's how getting started works.

    Pull back the curtain on your answering service! Check out how Telelink delivers best in class answering services and ensures a consistently smooth launch process.

  • Opportunity Review Assessment

    The purpose of the Opportunity Review Assessment is to determine if the software, website, spreadsheets or other technology required to successfully service your organization is compatible with Telelink's operational core competencies. If your organization does not require our Customer Service Representatives to use your software, website, or spreadsheets, this step is bypassed. 

    Opportunity Review Assessment

  • Design Document

    The Design Document is an online document that our Operations team uses to properly script and optimize your account during setup. Your inputs guide us to determine who calls will be forwarded to, whether or not you require on-hold features, IVR, specific verbiage to use as your greeting and more. Our talented Implementation Coordinator will go through this process with you to ensure complete transparency every step of the way.

    Design Document for Answering Service

  • Programming, Training, Testing

    At this stage, we put your initial inputs from meeting with our Implementation Coordinator into place. Our Operations team will perform account set up and script your account to ensure an efficient and natural call flow with your customers. After that, we begin to train our team of Customer Service Representatives on how to best service your account. They become familiar with your company, what you do, how you help, and how to be a true extension of your brand. After training, we flick the line on and put through a few test calls. This gives us a chance to work out any kinks in the process before making it available to the public. It doesn't take long before our Customer Service Representatives are ready to 'wow' your customers and service your account. 

    Training at Telelink Answering Service

  • Launch

    The big day! We launch your account. Whether you're becoming available 24/7 for the first time, picking up those lost calls on evenings and weekends, or simply choosing to improve your work-life balance, it's cause for celebration. Your customers will love the ability to get in touch with you more easily, and you'll rest easy knowing that every opportunity is coming to you, not slipping between the cracks and finding its way to your competitors. 

    Launching your answering service

  • Reporting and Insights

    After your account is launched and you've begun taking calls be sure to take advantage of our advanced reporting options. You can get detailed reports breaking down call types, frequency, and call patterns. Use your call data to draw insights about your customer's behaviour and preferences. 

    Reporting and insights

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