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Discover organizations that share common challenges. Uncover solutions and success stories.

Scroll below to find case studies, pricing tables and other insightful content. We have industry-specific case studies to illustrate scenarios where our customers have faced similar challenges to what you may be facing now.

For property managers, real estate companies, and property management firms, we encourage you to check out case studies featuring Martek and GWL Residential or to visit our property management answering solutions page.

Trades businesses like HVAC companies are some of the most common Telelink customers. Our answering service allows them to focus on what they do best, not the front line administrative tasks. Check our the Blair Mechanical Case study to see how first hand.

Municipalities find value in Telelink for after-hours answering and dispatching workers and services and maintenance personnel. When disaster strikes, we are your back up continuity team.

Utility companies love to partner with Telelink too. With high volume inquiries, an enterprise-level solution can make for a cost-effective customer service option or work as an overflow solution during outages.  

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