What our customers have to say

  • Regena S, Revenue Manager – Tourism Industry

    "Since implementing Telelink Answering, guests no longer feel that they are phoning a foreign country for their reservation. Our conversion rates have increased on average 5%, which has added almost $1M in extra revenue."

  • Charlie O, CEO – Property Management Industry

    "As a property management firm, you NEED 24/7/365 customer support to ensure tenant issues are addressed as they happen, and they always have a positive experience. We trust Telelink’s answering process and have peace of mind knowing that calls (most of which are after-hours) are handled promptly and professionally."

  • Blair H, Owner – HVAC Company

    "I sleep better at night knowing that Telelink has my back."

  • Marci H, Corporate Services Manager – Utility Industry

    "Out of all the vendors we work with, I can count on one hand, the number of complaints I've heard about Telelink. I will also note, that before our employee had the chance to complain, Telelink had already reached out to report the issue, and present a solution." 

  • Mark C, Regional manager – Property Management Industry

    "We would like to pass on a thank you for a job well done over the last several months! We can say with much proof at hand that the handling & processing of calls for my two sites have become top-notch. Over the last year, Telelink agents have been able to filter calls with excellent deductive reasoning; we no longer receive non-emergencies tagged by the tenant as an emergency, showing impressive diligence in sticking to the call scripts."  

  • Stephen M, Senior partner – Law Firm

    "Our business depends totally on communication with clients. Most times the client relationship starts with the telephone. Legal problems do not always hit people 9 to 5, Monday to Friday ‎so it is essential that we have an after-hours answering service that provides immediate and professional care so that we can help the client no matter the time of the day or the day of the week. For many years now we have trusted and relied upon Telelink to be there when clients "make the call" after hours and on weekends and holidays. We truly value having Telelink as a member of our legal services team and I would recommend them to anyone."  

  • Todd S, Vice President, National Operations - Property Management Industry

    "Prior to Telelink, management would hear things from tenants like “I’ve called 10 times about this already and nobody answered!” and we would never know if the claim was valid or not. Now, with every call being answered for the first time, and recorded for management to review, the issue doesn’t arise at all." 

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