Telelink Acquires Big Sky

Telelink is now in Calgary! 

In June 2021, Telelink acquired Big Sky Call Centers. Telelink acquired Big Sky to build upon its service to Western Canada and the Alberta market. Big Sky now operates as Telelink's Calgary office in the same building location and with the same team in place to provide unparalleled service to Calgary-based businesses.

Since the acquisition Telelink has upgraded the telephony system and streamlined customer service for clients. We've added a user-friendly online portal and dedicated Customer Success resources to ensure we help you meet your business needs. We're incredibly proud of the team we have and are eager to continue providing 24/7 answering services to organizations across Alberta and Western Canada. 

How can Telelink help your Calgary-based organization? 

  • 24/7 Live answering service
  • Dedicated call centre outsourcing
  • After-hours and overflow call answering
  • Message taking and dispatch
  • 1-800 reporting lines for Oil & Gas companies
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Even work within your CRM

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Sydney Ryan

Tanya Verkerk

Site Manager

Tanya is the Site Manager at Telelink's Calgary office. Before Telelink acquired Big Sky, Tanya was the Operations Manager for many years, becoming well-acquainted with so many of our Calgary-based customers. Tanya is a natural people person and oversees an incredible team of Calgary-based agents and operators. 

Cindy Roma

Sarah Astels

Client Support Specialist

Sarah is the Customer Support Specialist at Telelink's Calgary office and is dedicated to providing top-tier support for all of our Calgary-based customers. Sarah spent x years working with Big Sky prior to Telelink's acquisition spending time in sales roles, working the phone as an Operator, and always finding time to help support customers like she does best. 

Laura Fudge

Charles Roy

Operator and Team leader

Laura has been with Telelink for over 5 years and thrives in her role as Chief Revenue Officer. Laura has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to work alone safety and has a real knack for numbers. As Laura closes in on receiving her CPA certification she is only scratching the surface of what she brings to the table for Telelink. Connect with Laura

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