Should You Outsource Tier 1 Technical Support?

Should You Outsource Tier 1 Technical Support?

Technology is responsible for some of the most convenient objects of the modern age, things that we often take for granted. Getting around would be a lot more difficult without automobiles, and without fans, air conditioners or HVAC systems, the summer heat would be unbearable. However, one of technology's few inconveniences is that it is not designed to last forever - everything breaks down at some point. Luckily, the machines we use aren't often past the point of being repaired, and while the internet offers a wealth of information, 61% of consumers prefer to call customer service, more than any other contact channel. That metric alone should indicate how important having a solid support process is, not only for hardware- or technology-focused businesses but any public-facing organization.

Answering service for tier 1 technical support?

Tier 1 technical support acts as the front line, a cost-effective and efficient filter to ensure simple questions are answered for your customers quickly and you don't waste the time and money of your high end tech staff handling these calls. If your company has a high support call volume, or only a few employees who know your products inside and out, tier 1 technical support ensures that all customers are having their calls answered quickly, and that only the most difficult calls are passed up the chain to management.

It's a little-known fact that the phrase "tier 1" simply denotes agents who do direct customer support. The goal of tier 1 technical support is to solve 70-80% of user problems. As such, the importance of this kind of support can not be understated.

Serve your customers quicker

Long gone are the days where a product's knowledge base was confined to a single location. The rise in customer service platforms makes it easier than ever to find the information the customer needs, and it can easily be updated and edited if need be. Due to this, tier 1 technical support can be conducted from anywhere, and all tickets and updates will be synced across your network for all agents. Any changes can be vetted by management, ensuring that every issue that arises has an appropriate solution.

Outsourcing your tier 1 technical support can be extremely helpful when you don't have the space or finances to hire your own agents with. Having external resources to use allows you to gauge what kind of support you'll need for a product, whether it's newly-launched or simply seasonally relevant (as you can imagine, there wouldn't be many calls for air conditioner support in the middle of winter). Some things to consider in regards to outsourcing as a solution are:

Is there a specific time or day when call volume is higher than usual?

How many calls can you expect to receive over the course of a day?

Are you able to manage your maximum number of calls with your minimum number of staff?

Do your customers want live service 24/7/365?

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