Around The Clock Customer Care Solution

Around The Clock Customer Care Solution

Picture this scenario, one that we've all experienced at one time or another: it's late, and you're asleep. Suddenly, your phone starts to ring, jostling you out of your slumber. Your alarm clock glares at you as you reach over to answer the phone. Who could it be at this late at night? The office doesn't open for hours, but the person on the other end of the phone could be anywhere in the world, across the country or in a distant time zone, and they could need your help.

How can you choose between your life and your business?

In today's connected world, the convenience of being able to reach anyone at any time can certainly have drawbacks. Even if science can't quite explain why just yet, all humans need to sleep, and yet when you're part of a successful business it's likely the first thing you sacrifice. In 2007, Huffington Post owner Arianna Huffington passed out from exhaustion, injuring herself in the process, and she has subsequently become one of the most notable champions of the need for sleep.

When your relationship with your customers and your livelihood is on the line, it's too easy to say fifteen more minutes or just a few more emails. The amount of passion that owners and employees can have for their work is such that they try to overcome the natural order of things, but this is a dangerous line of thinking. If only there were a way to ensure that any calls that came in overnight were answered by someone who would be able to efficiently communicate with a caller, without any need to shake the cobwebs and try to force themselves to wake up.

Delegating your communication needs

Like most things in recent memory, what was old is new again. After-hours answering service is gaining traction as companies are realizing a competitive advantage with a live voice in a digital world. Such businesses are leaving their communication needs between office hours in the trusted hands of a skilled partner, whether this involves 24/7 reception, call overflow, or more specific needs. Not only is after-hours answering an efficient way to receive any and all customer inquiries that may have come in overnight, it also allows for peace of mind, knowing that any issues that arise outside of working hours will be acknowledged and passed on to the responsible party at the start of the day.

Most smaller businesses may not believe that after-hours answering service is something that they need, though given the need for specialization of product or service in today's business landscape, it is worth having someone on standby to interact with customers and answer simple questions. If you were on the other end of the equation, you doubtless would believe that the business that answered your call late at night truly excelled in the customer service department.

Not every business may have reason to believe that they will be contacted after-hours. However, for industries where the rapid exchange of information is a necessity, after-hours answering can be the difference between frustration and relief. With someone always available to answer your calls, you no longer have to worry about having to field calls in the middle of the night, and can bring your best to work without feeling tired or groggy. If you need to sleep, and your customers need someone to reach, an answering service is an elegant solution to these two opposing yet equally true statements.

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