Outsource Customer Service To Grow Faster

Outsource Customer Service To Grow Faster

Business owners work hard to make their business grow. But growth always comes with growing pains! There's no debate about the importance of customer service along the way. Every business understands that keeping existing customers happy is a top priority. The challenge may be to maintain quality services as your business expands and your customer base grows. And as you work to meet increasing demands, achieving a healthy work-life balance seems lost somewhere on the horizon.

"An organization becomes bewildered rather than energized when it's asked to do too much at once."

- Michael Hammer & James Champy, Reengineering The Corporation

When your business is growing and you're in the thick of it, that's when it's time to consider outsourcing. But when do you know for sure that you ARE in the thick of it? It's time to consider outsourcing your customer service when:

Your Business Is Sacrificing Customer Service In Order to Scale

There comes a point as your business grows when you find yourself in a balancing act, offsetting business growth with the quality of your products and services. You might start to ask yourself if the issues resulting from growth are starting to outweigh the benefits.

Then at some point, whether you offer a service or a product, your business will have to sacrifice in order to scale. This might mean that you cannot manage every client relationship, or inspect every product, personally.

At this point, many businesses begin to consider outsourcing their customer services to a company they can trust and partner closely with. This is where Telelink comes in.

Answering Phones Involves Problem Solving and Risk Management

All growing businesses face common customer service issues. In the course of a busy workday, they miss incoming calls and might rely on voicemail to answer their customer calls. Callers may or may not leave a message. Some rely on their workers to multi-task, picking up the phone while they're preoccupied with other responsibilities. In some cases, workers struggle to solve issues over the phone because there is no customer service process in place. In other situations, workers aren't equipped to offer good service because they haven't been fully trained in front line customer service over the phone. And sometimes workers just aren't suited to the front line service role they've been assigned.

When we look at the research, it's clear how essential good front line service is to the success of every business.

It's the reason growing businesses often consider outsourcing to Telelink. Often they recognize their issues:

- They're missing important calls, and making customers wait for a response, or losing them altogether;
- Their workers are over-tasked and preoccupied on the phone;
- Their workers aren't trained or effective in front line service;
- Their company doesn't have ISO certified customer care processes in place, but they want and need to provide quality customer service consistently.

You Want To Clear Your Mind To Enjoy Your Downtime

Even the most passionate business owners get tired! As a hard working business owner, you probably find it hard to schedule time away from work as it is. And when you do leave for the weekend or plan a vacation, it can be difficult to clear your mind and enjoy your time away. It's essential to clear work from your mind. Otherwise, you're essentially packing your briefcase and taking it to the beach!
When achieving a healthy work-life balance seems lost somewhere on the horizon, business owners really see the value of outsourcing customer service to a proven and ISO 9001:2008 registered partner.

You Need Excellent Customer Service Staff

A growing business that does it all including answering phones for sales and support inquiries, often struggles with providing consistent customer service. That's why we want you to connect with our team of dedicated customer service professionals. As a business owner, you'll know when outsourcing just makes sense for your business.

It'll become obvious when your business grows and your workers aren't equipped to handle incoming call volumes effectively. You'll recognize it's time to remove the risk factors in your customer service process and employ dedicated answering services. At some point, you'll want assurance that no calls will be missed because you're busy, double booked, or doing two things at once. You'll see the need for a dedicated service to keep your business running while you're away. You'll recognize that you want, and deserve, to fully enjoy your downtime and vacations!

You will know when to contact us. We're standing by.

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