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In Toronto's business environment staying connected 24/7 is no longer an option but a necessity. That's why we bring to you our expertise in professional, reliable, and personalized answering services, perfectly tailored for Toronto-based businesses, like yours. Whether you're a large corporation or a local startup, our fully customisable answering service helps ensure you never miss a call or an opportunity again. 

Call triage

Urgent calls in real time. Detailed messages for non-urgent.

Live dispatch

Instantly dispatch technicians or employees within minutes. 

Be available 24/7

100% true coverage with Telelink Answering. Never miss another call. Never miss another opportunity.

Appointment booking

Capture every appointment with detailes logged directly in your CRM.

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Whether it's a question at dawn or a complaint at midnight, our trained customer service professionals are always ready to assist.

Never miss an essential phone call again. Our dedicated team guarantees that every call is picked up promptly, ensuring that each customer query is addressed, and no opportunity for engagement is lost. We handle all the reporting and documentation of each call, meaning less internal admin work for your team. 

Toronto Answers with Telelink

  • Appointment booking
  • Evening & weekend coverage
  • We work directly in your CRM
  • 24/7 customer service
  • And more

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24/7 service
Convert callers into clients
Control on-call costs
Quickly dispatch urgent calls
Configurable reporting
Better work-life balance

Elevate your Toronto-based Business with an Answering Service Tailored for the City

If your business is rooted in the energetic city of Toronto, you are well aware of the endless growth opportunities and the fierce competition it presents. To thrive in this landscape, it's essential to be available 24/7 and offer personalized assistance that resonates with locals. Partnering with Telelink helps you stand out from the crowd with exceptional customer service. Our team of Canadian-based agents understands the diverse demographics, culture and unique attributes of Toronto. Using an answering service that makes your customers will feel valued and trust that your business understands them will ultimately help you cultivate long-term relationships and customers that rave about your 24/7 service. Click the button below and get in touch today!

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