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Looking for a professional 24/7 answering service for your Vancouver business? Our live phone answering service provides friendly receptionists to handle your calls around the clock. We offer customized call-handling services to meet the unique needs of companies in Vancouver. Our receptionists are highly trained to represent your business professionally, schedule appointments, take messages, triage urgent and non-urgent calls, and provide amazing customer support. With pricing starting at just $100/month, we make it easy and affordable for Vancouver businesses to provide exceptional service to their customers anytime day or night.

Call triage

Urgent calls in real time. Detailed messages for non-urgent.

Live dispatch

Instantly dispatch technicians or employees within minutes. 

Be available 24/7

100% true coverage with Telelink Answering. Never miss another call. Never miss another opportunity.

Appointment booking

Capture every appointment with detailes logged directly in your CRM.

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Struggling with managing your inbound calls or afraid of missing important business opportunities?

We understand the unique needs of Vancouver businesses better than anyone. We offer timely, professional, and dedicated support, but also local insights and solutions customized to your unique business environment. By partnering with us, you can significantly improve your customer experience while saving time to focus more on your core business operations. Complete the form on the right to view pricing and packages. 

Vancouver businesses trust Telelink with

  • Appointment booking
  • Evening & weekend coverage
  • We work directly in your CRM
  • 24/7 customer service
  • And more

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24/7 coverage
No missed calls
Triage urgent calls
Consistent response
Dispatch On-Call
Call data & reports

Benefit From Local Expertise with Our Canadian Answering Service for Vancouver Businesses

Don’t miss the outstanding outcomes our local Vancouver expertise can bring to your business. Our pride and dedication lie in addressing your local needs with personalized services tailored to your specific business communication requirements. Expect excellent customer engagement, prompt responses to inquiries, and an enhanced brand presence underpinned by a local touch. We are committed to ensuring your customers feel appreciated, heard, and understood with every interaction. Click the button below to get started with Pricing today.

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