24/7 Call Centre Services

  • 24/7 call centre services for the modern business

    Today we're sharing the most impactful 24/7 call centre services for modern organizations. Modern businesses are required to run a lean operation. They hire top talent to work on solving difficult client problems and they outsource admin work that can be time consuming and take focus away from core business initiatives. This is where 24/7 call centre services come in. This guide will help you decide what to offload to a call centre service provider, and what to keep in-house. 

  • Appointment Booking

    This is one of the best services to outsource to a call centre because it is directly linked to revenue-generating opportunities. Keep technician's calendars booked, service customers quicker, and offload the admin duty so your employees can focus on core business. 
  • Triage & Dispatch

    Now that your calendar is getting booked up with appointments, dispatching the proper personnel for the appointments can become a big lift - especially for urgent calls coming in day after day. Your call centre can triage urgent calls on your behalf and dispatch emergency technicians in real-time, all while filtering out non-urgent calls that can be entered into a calendar for a later appointment, or leave a message for the following day. 

  • Overflow call management

    You've got a rockstar receptionist and they do amazing work, add to your culture, and are truly irreplaceable. But the receptionist only works Monday-Friday 9-5 and you can't justify hiring a second receptionist for evenings and weekends. A 24/7 call centre service can help you provide a warm human voice for customers on evenings and weekends. Same great service as a full-time receptionist, at a fraction of the price. You can even copy the wording your receptionist uses to greet customers and replicate it for your call scripts for a more consistent and professional customer experience.
  • How Mount Douglas Housing Society Chose a 24/7 Call Centre

    Mount Douglas Housing Society

    It's that personal touch. The fact the call centre is Canadian owned and operated, and that it's run by people you can talk to. Telelink is big enough to do a really good job, but small enough to still feel personal.

    Gail Caryn, Executive Director

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