How An Answering Service Can Give Trade Services a Competitive Edge

How An Answering Service Can Give Trade Services a Competitive Edge

To put the sector in rather romantic terms, blue-collar work is the foundation upon which the Canadian dream was built, and the various trades that make up the umbrella of blue-collar work remain extremely significant today. While technology has significantly changed the way that such jobs are performed, a strong demand for tradespeople remains, whether they are plumbers and electricians or woodworkers and HVAC technicians. Does the modern tradesperson have to juggle too many things in order to deliver results that both they and their customers can be proud of, and how might utilizing a call answering service be able to help them achieve their goals?

Answering service for busy professionals

If a tradesperson is significantly busy, they may not have the time to devote to building and maintaining strong relationships. A contractor receiving multiple calls for work requests while they're on a job site may mean that they won't have the ability to pay as much attention to their work as they would like, which could artificially inflate the amount of time the job takes. Those who do specialized work often find that their time is at a premium, and the use of an answering service to eliminate such distractions would also allow them to maximize their time on a job site. An answering service is also flexible to their specific needs - for example, they may only want their calls answered after-hours, so that they can be assured that messages from customers are being answered without having to physically do it themselves. In ultra-competitive markets, like Toronto, after-hours availability is key to retaining customers and keeping them away from competitors. 

Why Use a Call Answering Service?

There are many ways in which tradespeople can make use of an answering service, both in terms of customer interaction or communications with other members of a larger firm. For example, it could be used as a way for employees of a contracting company to book appointment times. A time could then be set to deliver messages to the employer on the job site. This guarantees that the message gets through at an agreed-upon time, and that external factors, such as job site noise, do not preclude the message from getting through to the correct party.

To an independent contractor, the use of a call answering service may seem like a luxury, but the concrete advantages it offers, for only dollars a day, makes it close to a necessity in today's competitive landscape. Tradespeople are in a unique position where they need to stand by their work over a long period of time, be it window replacement or installing tile, there is no easier way to build trust with both existing and potential customers than always having a voice on the other end of the line. Using a call answering service shows the customer that they are respected and valued, even if a tradesperson can't answer the call themselves.

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