Answering Service FAQs

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Answering Service FAQs

Choosing the right answering service partner means asking the right questions. Please review our list of the most frequently asked questions our team receives about Telelink's answering service.

How long does it normally take to get up and running with your service?

While this can vary based on the complexity of the account, most accounts launch within two-four weeks. The closer your script is to our provided templates, the less time it takes to program your account. This can also be fast-tracked for urgent requirements, but additional fees may apply.

How many hours does it take to program an account?

Telelink's setup fees are based on the number of hours it takes to program your account. Account setup varies based on the complexity of the script. Telelink offers the first three hours at a flat fee of $150 for our Entry package, and the first 5 hours for the Enhanced package. All other hours and custom quotes are based on $100/hr.

What is the length of your contract term?

Our service agreements are month-to-month; however, we will waive flat setup fees for any customer who wishes to sign on and pay for a full year’s service upfront. If you cancel within the first year, any programming time incurred on your account will be added to the final invoice.

Will your agents work on my account exclusively?

That depends on the model you choose. Most customers are serviced in Telelink’s shared division which answers calls for many customers. Call-taking software automatically brings the right script to the agent’s screen when they answer the call. Customers with complex processes and high volumes of calls and/or emails will sometimes opt for a dedicated model where they are assigned specific agents that only work on their account. This model is based on a flat hourly rate and increases by 40-hour (1 Full-Time Employee) intervals.

What service level commitments do you offer?

Telelink’s shared division has an average time to answer (ATTA) goal of 75/30, which is 75% of calls answered in 30 seconds or less. Most companies choose Telelink’s shared division as “sharing” resources with other customers results in cost savings over purchasing dedicated agents. The 75/30 service level is calculated as a monthly average across all customers. This means there may be peaks and valleys where answer time varies based on call traffic patterns throughout the day.

Where are your agents located?

Approximately 80% of the shared division works at Telelink’s St. John’s headquarters. The remaining 20% work remotely in various locations throughout Canada.

Are your agents able to work with our 3rd party software?

Telelink routinely uses customer websites and 3rd party software in the delivery of its services, however, we always perform a Quality Technical Analysis to ensure the site and/or software is call centre friendly. We look for factors such as how long it takes the site to load, how user accounts are provisioned, and usability.

How does invoicing work?

Base rates are billed in advance while overage and programming fees are billed in arrears. Your first invoice will include the programming fees and prorated base rate based on your launch date. However, if your launch date is near the end of the month, your first invoice will be sent on the first of the following month and contain a prorated base rate for the month in which your account is launched, a base rate for the following month, programming fees and any applicable overage fees.

What are patching fees?

Patching is when an agent puts a caller on hold and calls someone in your organization to then "patch" the call through. This results in a fee because the agent line remains in use for the duration of the call between the caller and your employee even if the agent drops off the call.

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