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  • 4 reasons to choose a call centre in Canada

    There are dozens of call centres in Canada and hundreds in the United States. Recently, we've seen US-based call centres aggressively chasing Canadian companies for their business. Often, with the allure of cheaper per-minute prices for the same number of minutes in a package. Here are 4 considerations when deciding between a call centre in Canada or a US-based centre.

  • Currency Exchange

    Don't get burned by a weaker Canadian Dollar. While sticker prices may look better when evaluating US-based call centres, the roughly 30% exchange means your dollar doesn't stretch as far as it does domestically. Keep your dollars domestic to get the best bang for your buck. 
  • Knowledge of local areas

    If basic knowledge of your area is important to your business, then you will want to ensure a Canadian call centre is being employed. One of our current customers had tried an American call centre before Telelink. The results spoke for themselves. Bellstar, our customer who switched from a US call centre said the US-based centre didn't understand Canadian geography or customs. One agent, when told the guest was from BC asked what state that was in. Another agent asked a visitor from Edmonton if they came to Canada often. The guests expressed frustration at the lack of understanding of areas and properties. Since switching to Telelink, Bellstar has enjoyed a 5% increase in conversion rates, adding over one million in additional revenue! Read the entire case study here.
  • Customer Service Matters

    Canadians have a reputation for being friendly for a reason. Friendly and polite are just part of the package when you partner with a Canadian call centre. If you believe your customers deserve top quality service, look no further than your own backyard. On average, Canadian call centres provide a higher quality service than centres found overseas or in the US. Moreover, Look for an inbound call centre in Canada. Inbound call centres focus exclusively on customer service, not sales. Check out this list of 11 considerations for choosing your next call centre partner. 
  • Turnover rates

    People rarely think about turnover rates when vetting a call centre, however, this metric is silently very important to the quality of service you receive. The more turnover a centre endures, the more they have to train and coach new people to work on your account. Experience is valuable in every industry, including the call centre industry. The call centre agents who've been working on your account for years and years know your business like the back of their hand - they are like an extension of your business. New agents are the ones who make mistakes, lack confidence, and can make less memorable impressions on your customers. In the US, the average turnover rate for call centres is a whopping 45% annually, while in Canada that number is 13.2%. At Telelink, we're proud to have dozens of members of our team who have been with us for 10+ years. 
    Start off on the right foot and choose a call centre in Canada. Learn more about call centre services that can help your business today. 

    In today's economic climate agility and business continuity are critical, your call centre can help you navigate these challenges.
  • Why it matter to customers like Gail

    Mount Douglas Housing Society

    It's that personal touch. The fact the call centre is Canadian owned and operated, and that it's run by people you can talk to. Telelink is big enough to do a really good job, but small enough to still feel personal.

    Gail Caryn, Executive Director

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