4 Reasons to Hire a Call Centre During a Recession

By Telelink

4 Reasons to Hire a Call Centre During a Recession

During a recession, businesses will often try to reduce costs and focus on their core strengths. Partnering with a call centre can help achieve both of those objectives. Here are four proven reasons to partner with a call centre before and during a 2023 recession.

Save on payroll expenses

The lower your payroll expenses, the more cash flow your business will have. Payroll is often one of a business’s largest ongoing expenses, so it makes sense to try and get maximum value for money. This may mean saving by outsourcing non-core functions like back-office administration or customer support.

A call centre enables businesses to save on core administrative tasks like answering phone calls or completing paperwork and invoicing. These administrative tasks tend to be routine but time-consuming. A call centre allows organizations to cut costs without having to hire additional employees.

Internal team productivity

One of the most significant advantages to partnering with a call centre is that it allows your team to focus on what they are truly great at. Instead of chasing phone calls and logging administrative paperwork, your employees can focus on proactive customer-facing tasks that generate revenue and value for customers.

Scalability (up and down)

Recessions, supply chain issues and an unpredictable economy filled with pent-up demand can make consistent service difficult. Somedays you may be overstaffed, others you’ll find yourself short-staffed. A call centre gives you greater flexibility to deal with fluctuating demand. Scale up and scale down without having to lay off and re-hire critical employees at your organization.

Be open 24/7 

Be available whenever your customers are trying to reach you. Business is tough enough as it is, you can't risk customers switching to competitors because they can’t reach you when they need you. Your call centre will be able to help you book appointments, place orders, take customer service tickets, dispatch technicians, and more. 

Did you know

On average, a receptionist in Canada makes about 45-50k salary. That’s roughly $4,000 per month, not to mention benefits, time off, or training expenses. Outsourcing to a Canadian call centre means not having to worry about training or employee benefits, and you get to be open 24 hours a day (including weekends and holidays). Even for extremely high call volume organizations, there is a clear-cut savings to partnering with a call centre. Click here to see Telelink call centre pricing.

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