List of call centres in Canada

  • List of call centres in Canada

    There are dozens of call centres in Canada. Some are great at inbound call management, like Telelink, others specialize in specific industries or regions. We've compiled a shortlist of call centres in Canada to help make it easier to find the perfect partner for your Canadian organization. 

  • Best call centre in western Canada: Big Sky Call Centers

    Okay, we're a little biased with this one. While Big Sky is arguably the most popular call centre for small businesses in the Calgary area, it is a Telelink company. Telelink acquired Big Sky because of how well it serves the western provinces and major western Canadian cities such as Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, and more. 

    Businesses in western Canada choose Big Sky because of their expert script building, highly trained Calgary-based agents, and reputation for high-quality service. 
  • Best French call centre in Canada

    Looking for a Canadian call centre with French-speaking agents? i24 Call Management Solutions should be your first call. The Quebec-based call centre has been in business for over 50 years and has a reputation for being fun and professional. 

    Telelink will often partner with i24 for bilingual projects with Canadian companies. We split call traffic so the French callers go to i24 and English callers can enjoy service from Telelink's English speaking agents. 

  • Most likely to leave your customers saying WOW: Telelink

    Telelink isn't the biggest call centre in Canada, but we are leaders in providing top-quality customer service. Last year at the CAM-X industry awards ceremony, Telelink won the award for the Best Call in North America. You can even listen to the call here. Telelink agents are focused exclusively on inbound call management and are coached on customer service best practices, never sales. 

    You can learn more about Telelink's call centre services and speciality divisions, like the property management division, by visiting the website here.
  • Cheapest call centres in Canada

    Most Canadian call centres are priced relatively similar. For a truly cheap call centre, you'll want to look south of the border in the United States or overseas in the Philippines. Canadian minimum wages prevent any single call centre from offering rates like you see in places without the same labour regulations. 

    The old adage you get what you pay for is especially true in the call centre industry. For clear speaking, English as a first language, customer service professionals, a Canadian call center is the best option. 

    While you sort through the list of Canadian call centres, be sure to consider different fee structures. Some call centres like Telelink, have extremely transparent pricing. Others, may hide fees like coverage on evenings and weekends in the fine print. Be sure to review your contract or monthly agreement closely before signing on to any type of service arrangement. 
  • The best of the rest

    We've covered some of Canada's most prominent call centres, but there are always more. For a full list of call centres in Canada, you can visit the Manifest. A word of caution, many foreign call centres that wish to attract Canadian companies will advertise their call centre as a Canadian centre when in reality the agents servicing the account are located elsewhere. To ensure you're getting the top quality service for your customers and callers, be sure to ask where the agents servicing your company are located. Before signing anything, ask for a test call. You should always sample the service you'll be receiving before making a commitment. 

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